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JW's Rise to Success

Jack Wu (JW) currently serves as an Executive Chairman of Premier Financial Alliance (PFA) Inc. (A nation-wide financial marketing company). Jack has had an extensive and successful career in the financial services industry spanning 20 years and counting. He began his career in the financial services at a time when he was still in college. Whiles attending University of Maryland at College Park, he got into the financial industry to give himself the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many families across the U.S. He realized that a proper and sound financial protection for families was very important. Having to deal with a situation first hand at a young age of 15, when his family didn't have a proper and adequate financial protection at the time his father passed away. Jack realized the devastation impact it can have on families in similar situation and decided to do something about it in the future.


Through the years of hard work and determination, Jack was able to achieve phenomenal success with the help of his mentor and life coach David Carroll, C.E.O. and Founder of PFA. As a true testimony of an ordinary individual with an open mind, a huge dream, and a burning desire, Jack never let any undesirable circumstances and situations in business and in life deter him from achieving his dream of financial independency for him and his entire family.


With all the success and accomplishments Jack as achieved throughout his career, he did not stop there. He continues to lead the company in many ways than one. Jack has mentored and coached many of his associates and leaders in the company to also achieve phenomenal success. As a huge credit to his teachings and leadership, Jack has produced many of his associates in the company to earn anywhere from 6-figure to a 7-figure income a year and counting.


Many would have thought that after Jack helping many people to achieve their financial success, it would the end of his mission. But that is when he then found his purpose. The ability to now be able to give back to the community of the under privileged and people outside his company. This purpose was derived from his up bringing. Coming from a humble family where values and moral beliefs were instilled in him by his parents at an early age. With that in mind, a foundation was formed. SEAL Foundation (Special Elite Aligned Leaders Foundation (S.E.A.L.)) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A foundation co-founded by Jack Wu and his brother Rex Wu to organize and operate exclusively for purposes of charitable and community services engaged in assisting children and their families. SEAL Foundation focuses in neighborhoods where Premier Financial Alliance (PFA) associates live and work. Jack also established a Just Wish Foundation. Another opportunity to make an individual or a family's wish come true. Where every month, associates in his company can nominate a deserving recipient to make their wish come true.


As the world we now live in ever changing and evolving with the internet and social media, Jack knew in order to reach the masses with his teachings, philosophies, and messages, he needed to adapt with the social media trend. Hence, JW Production was formed. Where he is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O). JW Production is a media group that record series of videos by Jack with various business and life topics. The topics in his videos are essential for anybody with the desire to be an entrepreneur, build a business, or become a better person. We continue to see the number of viewers grow with each new video release. It proves and shows that the content he produces are very valuable to up and coming entrepreneurs who's looking for someone that can inspire, train, and lead.


Jack has a track record of building a successful company with associates and leaders across the United states. He is this generation's breakthrough thinking coach, an inspirational speaker, and a mentor for many of the successful people and top leaders not only in his company but throughout the country.

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