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Special Operation Charity Network Event 2018

"We Rise By Helping Others" - SEAL Foundation SEAL Foundation (a 501c non profit organization of Premier Financial Alliance SEAL Team) had the honor to be guests at the Special Operation Charity Network Event 2018[ in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a major charitable event hosted by Soldiers Wish in which various parts of the military come together to raise funds to help our various Veteran leaders throughout the United States. There are so many soldiers that serves and protects our country through the world. Many comeback from their various tours abroad wounded while some lose their life protecting our country - leaving loved ones behind. Executive Chairman Jack Wu and Seal Foundation Chief Financial Officer Rex Wu had the distinguished honor to be among a few of the GREAT leaders that have served our country the past few decades and give back to a community that many have forgotten - our Veteran Leaders. "We Rise By Helping Others" isn't just in business. It's in life as well ... especially to the many men and women in uniform who have volunteered their life and dedication to serve and protect our friends, family, loved ones and this beautiful Country - the United States - where we are able to live in harmony and free.

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