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How To Have A Critical Conversation | Jack Wu

Let's discuss a strategy for handling critical conversations effectively. Imagine you must address a team member who's only closing deals at a 10% rate after two years. It's crucial to approach this with empathy and care.

Start by acknowledging their positive contributions. Take them out for lunch to show appreciation for their dedication and build rapport. Begin the conversation by expressing gratitude for their loyalty and their importance to the team. Then, gently bring up the issue, citing specific numbers and outcomes. Offer two options for moving forward: stick with the current approach or explore new strategies for improvement.

Emphasize that your goal is their success and longevity in the company. Communicate the importance of their role as an entrepreneur and the need for financial success. Wrap up the conversation with reassurance and encouragement. Remember, effective communication is about empathy and understanding, with a focus on what's in it for them. #Leadership #CommunicationSkills #Empathy #businessstrategyforwomen


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